This NETWORK has its origin in the DOMOTIC Project, project no.: LIFE09 ENV/ES/000493, approved in the framework of LIFE Programme for the Environment, which includes as one of its priority objectives the demonstration of the great potential of CO2 emissions reduction of the intelligent technologies and construction models (cutting edge inmotics and domotics) applied to buildings of intense use and great influx of visitors.

In the framework of this project and in line with the European legislation on energy efficiency, they have been validated three intelligent buildings, good governance models that ensure the achievement of optimum energy performance.

If your entity is sentitized in this field and has already implemented or planned domotic applications and you would like adhere to the first Network of European Models of Energy Efficiency in public or private buildings of intensive use, we invite you to adhere for free by completing the adhesion form with your entity details.

If you wish you can also send us your experiences in this area. We will collect and make them public in a web space intended for Good Practices. Later, we will publish at international level a Manual of Good Practices that compiles all the contributions made. Entities will be able to include, if they wish, their logotype in the specific section, as Network Members and as participants in this European Project of reference “Demonstration of Models for Optimization of Technologies for Intelligent Construction” – DOMOTIC.

The adhesion to the Network will allow you to know about the experiences in this area of all members, share knowledge and keep a feed-back process with the rest of the members for as long as you wish. All this aims at promoting the European strategy of fight against climate change with easy implementation measures, and low cost many of them.

As a member of this Network, the Project Management will give you a plaque that will permit your entity to identify as a member of the first Network of European Models of Energy Efficiency.

For further information about the Project, visit the website of the DOMOTIC Project: